Monday, September 06, 2010

The Tediousness of the Tedious Tedium

So having moved my entire electronic life onto this laptop, I now have to move it off again so it can go back to Dell to have the cracked casing element replaced.

I haven't had time until now to actually start the process (I got the mailer box to send the computer to Texas in over four weeks ago) but now have begun checking all the various websites that will have to be used in order to re-establish the things I'll have to clean off the hard drive before I return the computer (Dell staff now having a name for trustworthiness second only to the KGB after a handful of very public breaches of trust).

Then, of course, three weeks ago the tower unit that will become once again my digital home blew one of its hard drives (for which it transpired we had no proper backup) so it is limping with broken registry references and shortcuts to nowhere. Spiffy. Let's hope the "factory reset" process is relatively painless.