Thursday, March 22, 2007

So Much For Cascading Style Sheets

I was just perusing my copy of Dynamic HTML The Definitive Reference (though mine is Second Edition and cost ten bux less to get than the linked tome) and came upon a prime example of so-called computer "experts" losing sight of the forest for the trees. I quote vibratim except for the stuff I removed to shorten it a bit:

writing-mode NN n/a IE5.5(Win) CSS n/a

One of the constant values: lr-tb | tb-rl. Value of tb-rl can rotate text of some languages by 90 degrees.

This is absolutely typical! A little thought before putting pen to paper would have saved everyone time and the nitwit who invented this one a terrible loss of professional face, but no! The race to think up something "clever" has once more produced the veriest gibberish. Were I to apply this so-called "style" to this posting, the text would rotate 90 degrees and all you would see is a single column of vertical lines. If I set the font weight of the page low enough, those vertical lines would so thin as to be be invisible!

Did the morons who came up with this spare even one minute to consider the possibilities for terrorist misuse of the "technology"? What would happen if in early April some malicious hacker broke into the IRS help computers and rotated all the text 90 degrees? I'll tell you: Chaos!

This sort of thing is why we don't have a moonbase or flying cars.

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