Friday, June 15, 2007

The Great Work Continues

Mrs Stevie had obtained a special shower curtain rod that overhangs the tub by a few inches and allows a bit more elbow room. She bought it after I had let out one too many shrieks when the cold, clammy shower curtain had slicked up against me while I was showering and I thought it might actually be a good idea.

The thing is actually fairly simple: A curatin rod that is shaped rather like the [ character and a couple of brackets to mount in to the walls. All that was required to install it was some measuring, some drilling and wallpluging and some screwdriving.

Of course, it turned out the srew wells were too tight for my favourite quick-change screwdriver fitting, but I had some long screwdriver bits clipped to the rear of the drill that I rarely use and one of them would work.

Rather than unchuck the quick-release collet from the drill I snapped the bit into it and it seemed to grip despite lacking the little wasp-waist detail that the collet uses to retain the bits (the torsional grip is achieved by matching the hexagonal cross sectioned bits to a hexagonal well in the collet) and I was off.

Until I turned round halfway through the job and somehow lost the bit.

It must have fallen in the Big Bag O' Garbage in the bathtub, but a cursory search amongst the silicone-impregnated paper towels and fragments of sticky wax ring didn't turn it up so I was forcéd to use a manual screwdriver for the last bit of the job.

The installation looks ok, but I thing the overhanging curtain will be in the face of anyone trying to use my new commode. What is needed is a sliding arrangement, something like that used on filing cabinet drawers, with a positive click detent on each end to lock the bar in position.


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