Friday, September 21, 2007

Technology Reigns Supreme (ish)

The previous posting was composed using a new markup language especially designed to make it easier for me to move the footnotes around and type other HTML things in shorthand1.

It's dead good and nearly working properly after a couple of disappointing days going head-to-head with Perl, the language I wroted it in. All that's left is to fix the thing that makes the links between the references and the footnotes fully automatic, with a clever disambiguator so that the fiasco of earlier this summer - in which all the footnotes in a month's posts linked back to the same reference (ninety four of which were actually supposed to point elsewhere) - and we'll probably be looking at a nomination for the Nobel Prize for Blog Cleverness and a fat cheque for monies to be spent in any way I deem appropriate.

Wait, I'm having a vision. I see...a small gathering of like-minded young women, all come to worship at the feet of the master and offer their services in practical scanty clothing. I see ...


  1. Though this one wasn't, curiously enough. I was going to, but then I realised I had put my foot through the computer that runs the script

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