Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally! Scientists Do Some Science

Today, in a landmark moment for science, US scientists from Texas and New York did some science and invented something 30 times blacker than the current intenational standard for blackness.

They haven't figured out what you can use it for yet, but you can't have everything. There was some talk of covering stuff like spy satelites with it, but then it was pointed out that we wouldn't be able to find the damn things in the blackness of space then either. Neither is there much point in having the perfect night fighter paint job if your pilots can't find their rides until daylight. Never mind. This all detracts from the splendid trend in which scientists shift to doing science instead of talking about how other people did it wrong.

Let there be rejoicing in the streets that scientists took time out from their busy schedules and broke off renaming things for a few minutes to make hypersoot.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you can't see the queues at Hot Topic to buy t-shirts and exo-corsets in the blackest material known to man?

Anonymous said...

Last night on the way home from work, there was a story in the paper that said that researchers in the US had discovered that poverty was of greater importance in health than either race or gender. Indeed, these researchers concluded after a long (and no doubt expensive) study that those who are wealthy are more likely to be diagnosed, treated and survive skin cancer. Now let me see, does this indeed mean that in the US, which has a "user pays" health system, that people who lack the funds are more likely not to get treated. Wow! I want a job as a researcher.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I predict that we could avert a looming health care crisis in this country by the simple (and in retrospect, bleeding obvious) expedient of diverting all funds allocated for such market research into providing basic, public-funded health care for the nation's children.

You may call me a dreamer and so forth.