Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Am Become Even More Famouserer

A quick check on just how famous this authoritative commentary on everything important1 is has revealed some long-absent and long-deserved recognition in the Interweb At Large.

A search on "The Occasional Stevie" proved what I've known for yonks: that I am #1 on Google, the Search Engine of Choice. I'd thank them, but really they are only stating the obvious and giving me my just dues. The people has spoke and when they want to put "the", "occasional" and "Stevie" together, they invariably want to end up here and who can blame them? This righteous recognition had not, however, formerly extended to the other search engines out there.

Until now that is.

Yahoo, upon being given the same criteria that for months have returned this location when using Google, has finally seen the light and begun sticking up a grudging link at the top of the possibilities. No longer must one laboriously remove "Ray Vaughn" or "Nicks" to even see a link to this blog. Took you long enough, Yahoo. No wonder Microsoft won't meet your asking share price. Thrrrrrrp!

Icing on the cake was to discover that (aka Ask Jeeves) is also bowing to popular demand and at long last disregarding the elitist cliques that for years have kept any mention of "The Occasional Stevie" off the first page of results from a search for "The Occasional Stevie", and now they position me at the top of page one where I belong. Finally. Well whoop de do. Like anyone actually uses anyway.

What does this mean to you dear reader, to me or to this literary instrument through which I address the world?

For one thing, when one or the other of you asks me for a link to "The Occasional Stevie" I can snarl "Google it for Azathoth's sake!" in the very best web 2.0 tradition, safe in the assumption that this will not result in Stevie Nicks's website being slashdotted.

Other than that, I can, with some justification, claim that not only am I number one, but that all others are number two or lower2. I've held that opinion for many years in point of fact, but now I have some statistical evidence to back it up.

But with fame comes the worry that it will prove ephemeral and I shall wake up one day to find one of the other Stevies has had some sort of occasional happening that thousands of people want to read about. I urge my three, possibly four readers to read and re-read this blog often. Several times a day should crunch the search engine stats enough to offset that new Stevie Nicks boxed CD collection being issued.

Of course, I don't want to lose the eclectic feel that only being accessed once a month gives to my work, since that ups my academia street cred and makes me that much closer to a Pulitzer.

  1. to me
  2. Yes I stole that. If you know that, you also know from where so there's no need for me to mention the wonderful movie Mystery Men or The Sphinx

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