Sunday, June 08, 2008

Too Much Information, LIRR Style

The LIRR has fitted spiffy new signs in each station on our branch, including Wyandanch (Pearl of the East).

Hanging from Olde Worlde cast-iron posts remeniscent of something one might see in Main Street, USA1, these signs are composed of matrices of amber LEDs that can be illuminated or not to form informational phrases.

There is an open book on how long they will continue to work and another on how long the Wyandanch onse will actually remain in place (stuff of any percieved value tending to wander at that location when no-one is looking) but that isn't what I want to relate today.

No, today I want to tell you of my Friday morning commute, which was spiced up by the sign telling me that the train would be arriving 6 minutes late on platform 1A. This came as a relief to every passenger waiting on the platform

Wyandanch is a single track station 2.

  1. In The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
  2. This ties in with a time about ten years ago when a lady, obviously not a regular commuter, approached me at Wyandanch and asked if the New York train arrived on "this track". I was so confused by her Dadaistic question I forgot to say "No love, you need the other one" to see what she would do

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