Monday, July 14, 2008

Poles Apart

Well, not so much, really.

You, dear readers 1, probably assumed I'd forgotten to tell you when the men from the telephone company took down the badly cracked pole leaving me with only one. Maybe you thought that the results of the pole-guying fiasco I had prophesied had not come to pass and that I was quietly letting the story fade away from your collective memories.

You will be happy to know that the badly damaged pole is still standing outside, next to the "good" pole, which seems to be being undermined by hydraulic run-off. The "good" pole has, as predicted, adopted an alarming lean due to the guy wire being not in line with the pole-to-ground-cleat tether. Fortunately, the broken pole, still holding up cable TV wires 2, has been secured to the "good" pole by a couple of loops of old rope someone had in the truck.

It's good here, innit?

  1. Three, at last count
  2. I have no doubt the CTV crews, which use spiky shoes and a rope sling to climb the poles, took one look at the splintered foot of the old 3 pole and said "No bleeping way!"
  3. A relative term, said pole having been in place a mere 18 months after replacing the pole knocked in two by another stupid kid in a car who thought you could just sit there and the car would drive itself like they do on TV

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