Friday, May 29, 2009

Written In Paint On The Doors Of A Broken Elevator In An Appartment Building In Bellona

Mrs Stevie's head finally became unradioactive enough for her to have the PET scan.

This miracle of modern science apparently makes a picture in which cancer cells "light up", and as such it is the de-facto standard way of assessing the success of a chemotherapy/radiation treatment regimen. Mrs Stevie's oncologist called a couple of weeks ago to report that the cancer was in 100% remission accoridng to this test, so we declared a fortnight of celebraion in which we didn't shout at each other and cookwear was only used for the preparation of food. It is the only piece of good news to come down the pike in Lo! a very long time indeed. If only she could eat enough to sustain herself, we could call the whole business closed1.

Still, Mrs Stevie is now well on the road to recovery.

  1. As much as can be said for this bloody disease at any rate. Oncologists, as I've said before, never speak of curing it

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