Friday, June 05, 2009

A Question Of Etiquette

The young have it easy

I was brought up to hold doors for ladies (and brought up to assume all women were ladies come to that) and to let them go first.


How does one proceed when arriving at the same time as a woman at a revolving door? What is the proper protocol?

Do I allow her to enter the carousel first, giving her the job of heaving the thing into motion? Do I leap in front of her so that I get the first place in the door and also the manly job of overcoming the door's inertia?

Or do I push in front of her, give the door a good spin, then throw her into the thresher-like embrace of the portal?


Gil said...


Enter it in front of her, but make sure she leaves first.


Anonymous said...

I tried that once. The woman decided that my cricling with the door without getting out was suspicious behaviour, and she refused to exit too. We went round and round about thirty times before I bailed out. By then she was showing me a thing or two in the line of cursing. Apparently she had taken out her cell phone to call security but had dropped it and subsequently trodden on it about six hundred times as the door swept us around and around. Thank Azathoth she wasn't armed. As it was she then followed me into the building and screamed for help. Why she did this when she was convinced I was dangerous is beyond me. Luckily the security team at my place couldn't understand a word of her complaints, since she was almost incoherent with rage by then. I snuck away while they were sorting it out between them.