Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Look


Last week I was at a loose end, got curious, clicked something I shouldn't have and trashed my bailing-wire and chewing gum blog markup template, replacing it with a new one supplied by Blogger that has drag'n'drop gadgets, some of which actually work.

Shame I never got round to saving the original template.

I think I've gotten most of the value-added styles back in place, or rather, I've improvised several workarounds that sort of do the same thing the old styles did.


The new look: good or bad? Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Stevie, as your avid followers from the Old World Midlands I would say the look is fine. It is the apparent waning of your enthusiasm for posting that concerns us. There is a defiant trend in the wrong direction for those of use who hunger for regular news of adventures from the new world. We have none of the excitement of your commute to the metropolis; the A38 just doesn’t cut it!
We do not usually hear of the draw backs of decadent leisure pool ownership, nor do we have the need of exciting machines of power such as Troll, traitorous electric, mechanical and computing devices yes, but real manly machines no!
I have learned many things of use from your postings over the years; I believe you saved me much heart ache when I ventured in to battle with my own bathroom renovation for example. I can only dream of ever mastering the words of power you have accumulated over the years.
Sharing an office with one who has actually visited Chateau Stevie and knows you all in meat space adds an extra dimension to your Cyber space persona…………
Happy holidays and Blog on for our voyeuristic consumption!

Dunx said...

perfectly pleasing look - it doesn't hurt the eyes, and that is good.

TBH, I usually read your excellent posts through a RSS reader so I don't recall the old look with great clarity...

Q: could you recover old versions of the page using The Wayback Machine? Probably some template reverse engineering required, unfortunately.

Gil said...

Looks fine to me, too.

And yes, I still keep an eye on your blog when there's no risk of spraying the screen with coffee.

LaVelle said...

To be frank, and with absolutely zero hint of sarcasm, this is the best look I've seen, hands down. Nicely played.