Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I Have A Target (dot com) Painted On Me

I bought some parts for a model helicopter just after Christmas.

Mrs Stevie had bought one of those tiny electric helicopters for me as a present, but she got bait-and-switched with a cheap knock-off that would not fly at all and was, as a result, very sad.

So I pulled it apart and replaced the works with some from a more reliable brand and she was thrilled that the little thing flew. Almost as thrilled as me, but I digress.

Since that purchase, I have been plagued in my web-browsing by peripheral ads featuring helicopters to the point I'm sick to the back bleeding teeth with sub-miniature rotary wing aircraft of any sort. Well done that vendor for "enabling" the "web community" to "enhance" my web "experience". Left alone I would have probably graduated to larger, more expensive models over time, as I got caught up in the fad. Spurred by my enhanced web experience I shall probably never buy another electric helicopter as long as I live since I now associate them with boring, uninspiring repetition.

However, it has given me an idea.

I plan on purchasing a number of items of feminine undergarmenture. No, I haven't decided to explore my feminine side1. Within hours my web-browsing experience will be enhanced by a variety of scantily clad models oozing from the sides and top of my browser in a desperate bid to enhance me into another buying spree.

If I'm going to be targeted, I'm damn-well going to be targeted by something worth looking at.

  1. at least, not when there are witnesses around - that sort of thing should be done in private with only a webcam for company

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Anonymous said...

Try Ad blocker plus
It's a free program (google it)
You won't see any ads afterwards
and it will speed up your browsing as you don't have to wait for the bloody things to load

take care, enjoyed your blog, random surfing, later