Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Leaves Are Falling

Over the last week the weather has finally decided to become properly Fall-like and make the leaves come off the trees.

This should have happened weeks ago of course, but we've been baking in unseasonably warm weather and the trees have been spraying pollen like it's going out of fashion. Everyone and his dog has alergies and sales of anti-histamines have been through the roof.

But that has now become a thing of the past and as a result of this and the prevailing wind patterns my drive has been ankle deep in leaves for days. Action Was Called For.

So I spent an hour looking for the spout that turns my leaf blower into a leaf vacuum and chopper-upper, then another looking fruitlessly for the special bag needed to catch the leaves. I tried improvising a leaf bag from a plastic leaf bag1 but it proved to be infested with anti-handiman demons and promptly split. So it was back to a rake and stuffing the bags by hand.

I couldn't find the rake but decided to use a yardbroom instead to save another hour's searching

And eventually I ran out of bags so the job came to an end. I piled the bags on my grass verge and went inside to wash and groan in pain.

Overnight Hurricane Zelda blew in, damaged he fence and threw the bags all over the place, whereupon I think one was struck by a car. It looks like that from the humongous split in the bag anyway. I think I mentioned that I had no more leaf bags.

So that's alright then.

  1. A sort of oversized transparent ventilated trash bag left by the town government in the hope the residents will use them to clean up. Fat chance, when all they have to do is leave the leaves and let them blow into my drive or along my fence line

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