Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Miracle Of The Bird

So after I got the radiator cover back on the wall and screwed down tight again we walked around the building but could find no holes from the outside into the radiator.

The radiator cover had no bird-sized holes in it or gaps between it and the wall either.

While we were searching the place for avian access points the pastor wandered into theater and demanded to know why The Stevieling had her parents in tow and why we were carrying tools. She explained, to some understandable doubt on tghe part of the cleric until backed up by Mrs Stevie.

"But how did it get in there?" he said, in exasperated tones.

"We don't know " said The Stevieling. "Weird, eh?"

"You should call it The Miracle of The Bird" I opined. "It would be a monster draw. You'd be fending off the punters with a stick."

"I don't think .. " the pastor began, doubtfully

"Suit yourself, pastor" I said, "but if this were a Roman Catholic church there would already be a shrine erected to it."

Mrs Stevie took the opportunity of the pastor's speechless indignation to punch me in the head and hiss "shuttup!" at me.

I shrugged and wandered around to the pastor's office where I noted the pipes that went through the wall into the radiator.

" think the bird must've got in through there" I said.

"Idiot! How would the bird get in the office?" snarled Mrs Stevie.

I looked pointedly at the door, then at the double doors to the outside only a few feet beyond that.

"You're right" I said. "It's a miracle. Since I'm an atheist and have no useful input on how those work, I'm going home."

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