Friday, July 24, 2015

Now That's A Pretty Song

On Wednesday I was dashing through Penn Station to catch my train home when I heard the most beautiful finger-style guitar playing.

In Penn Station they have a program for musicians to work legally, busking in a little niche out of the direct path of rushing commuters, and I've caught many worthwhile acts playing there. This time it was Glenn Roth playing "I can see clearly now" fingerstyle sans lyrics with great skill. I honestly wished I could wait for another train so I could hear his whole set.

I settled for scraping my pockets for the ten bux he wanted for his CD Into The Unknown, and it was ten bux well spent. So often I'm captivated by a solo guitarist in that venue and I buy their CD offerings only to discover their recorded work includes vocals or a full backing band, neither of which are features I was looking for when I bought.

The music on Into The Unknown is all original compositions of unaccompanied guitar works, and I recommend them to all.


Steve A said...

As Whispering Bob Harris would say: "Nice."

Stevie said...

Yes, that was the one you wanted to hear as the artist. If he said "An interesting sound there" you were doomed to obscurity.