Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Job

Merry Christmas!

It's amazing what you can do with 40 feet of schedule 40 PVC pipe, a bucket full of fittings, some glue and about 66 yards of tinsel.


It has been shirtsleeve weather all day. Either Global Warming is actually true of the calendar has gone out of whack to pre-Augustus levels and it is actually late May or early October.A Christmas Story is in it's second showing on TNT, which runs it for the next 22 hours in continuous loop in case you miss a bit, and my neighbour has his Santa Landing Lights on. In a move of mind-boggling stupidity he arranged for the runway to be less than 8 feet long and to end at the wall of his house. I hope Santa has a Harrier sled. Even if he does, I predict coal in my neighbour's stocking.

May Santa be good to you all, may you have enough batteries to last the day and may your bells truly jingle all the way.

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