Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why Some Jobs Should Be Put Off

Last Christmas we went with an all-blue motif in our icicle light and illuminated bush Christmas Display. I had been deploying white icicle lights that I had modified with solid armatures for years in conjunction with green lights in the Alberta Spruces, blue in the bushthing outside the front room window and red around the windows. During lamp deployment several catastrophic lamp failures provoked a critical temper excursion in the would-be illumination specialist and the entire display was junked in favour of new, blue stuff. It was pretty, but a little boring after a time. Twenty minutes was about what I measured it at, and I was seeking some way to suggest a return to the white lights for this year.

If only I hadn't neglected to take down the blue ones from last year.

By a stroke of luck, when I powered them on again this year I discovered that the torrid summer sun had bleached the colour from the bulbs and so we had, if not white, a sort of off-white display this year.


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