Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On The Warpath

As many of you readers1 will know, yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, a holiday in New York. That meant that everyone had the day off. Everyone except Mrs Stevie that is.

The Stevieling and I planned a raucous day of celebration, begining with breakfast, followed by some craft projects, TV viewing and later I was hoping to persuade her into a videoing project at the beach to show her the power of the little videocam we bought her for Xmas and toward which she has shown almost complete indifference despite being fascinated with filmmaking.

All was going well, properly behind schedule by about three hours by the time we returned from breakfast at IHOP2, when Mrs Stevie stormed into the house yowling about how it was no good everyone having cell phones if we were never going to use 'em, and why she bothered calling everyone to tell them she was getting a half day off was beyond her and why didn't we at least look at the answering machine for crying out loud3?

I pointed out that there was no need for such chagrin. I explained that we had each forgotten to take our cellphones with us. I told her that it was pointless to yell about what had happened since we were enjoying ourselves at breakfast a mere fifteen minutes ago and didn't want our peacefull meal disrupted by hysterical women yelling about cellphones so wouldn't have answered anyway. I pointed out that she was here now, and so were we, and therefore nothing was lost.

She threw her cellphone at me.

She finally calmed down enough to suggest going out to a movie. Unfortunately, all the shouting, carrying on and ballicstic portable communications device activity had upset my delicate constitution4, so I remained at home and had a medicinal snooze on the sofa while the Women of Chateau Stevie went to see "Happily Never After", a movie that would have upset my stomach anyway.

Thus the arts were patronised, Mrs Stevie was mollified and I didn't throw up after all.

  1. At the last count there were three of you
  2. International House Of Pancakes. You find 'em in buildings with blue roofs. If you find a good one, the food can be superb
  3. The obvious reason, that we didn't care what was on the answering machine never occured to her it seems
  4. Mrs Stevie sniffed and said it was probably all the greasy crap I had eaten for breakfast

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