Thursday, October 03, 2013

Computers Get Ugly

Azathoth on a bike I am so tired of the new "app tile" look every sodding computer thing is sprouting of late.

Try as I might I cannot see the purpose of foisting the Windows 8 GUI on anyone not using a touch-screen tablet device. The search for what I want to use is longer, less intuitive and an all-round pain in the arse on a computer fitted with it.

But now idiot programmers are making their individual interfaces look the same, with the result that when I began rebuilding my Laptop on my return from Florida, the already not-very intuitive GUI for the McAffee software was replaced by the new fbleeptarded "tile" look user interface that takes up more screen real estate, delivers less information up front and is harded to navigate.

And it is ugly with a capital ug.

I'm done with McAffee. When the sub runs out in the spring they are down one customer. I'm fed up with the fact I cannot whitelist my favorite programs that get quarantined by false positive hits. I'm fed up with the slowing down of my computer under the monumental load of the various services the damned software starts. I'm fed up to the back teeth with the fact that although I schedule a scan every Monday at 1 am the fbleeping thing starts scanning during my morning commute on Tuesday. And I'm so very, very tired of the scan taking all bloody day to finish even when the system is idle (and I can't get things done when McAffee is running because one of the systems it impacts is the trackpad mouse), when other products can be in and out in less than half that time. I'm terminally tired of having to use those other products to spot the stuff McAffee missed despite crippling my computer in the name of security.

But those fbleeptarded useless tiles are the absolute end.

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