Thursday, January 02, 2014

More Of The Same

Today, as I was setting off for work, I got a call from the doctor I employ to carve off the bits of my skin that have decided to explore the third dimension, asking if I could come today instead of tomorrow.

So I began the first working day of 2014 impersonating Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from the Lynch Dune movie.

As I type the blizzard that was the reason the appointment with Doc Snipsenburnz was shifted is howling outside, and the Bloody Long Island Rail Road has responded by announcing a "Holiday Schedule" for tomorrow (Friday).

That's right; there will be less trains right at the time they'll need more trains to cope with breakdowns and stranded suckers customers. This despite them crowing about their new snow plow all last month. More money wasted there then.

So, no change in the Naffness Index.

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