Friday, January 19, 2018

Now That's A Pretty Song

Through the Roof, and Underground by Gogol Bordello, as performed on the soundtrack album from Wristcutters: A Love Story.

Mrs Stevie pronounced loudly upon hearing it that in her opinion the song sounded like it something you'd hear coming out of a garage after the high-school teens had found dad's beer stash, and I agree. It has that outraged tone of first-time revelation to it.

She also found the movie perplexing and disturbing, which I didn't, and I urge you to watch it at your soonest opportunity if you find the idea of suicides living in a really bland, chrome-plated and rusting purgatory intriguing. It's got Tom Waits in it so you know you are in for a treat, oddball movie-wise.

The soundtrack is an odd mix too, with short-short interstitial music separating longer works by all sorts of people from Del Shannon to Joy Division. Lovely stuff.

The idea of a car having a black hole under the seat where stuff is lost forever is surely resonant with everyone.

Film and soundtrack recommended to all, especially the drunkenly manic Through the Roof, and Underground.

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