Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Alcoholic Wasteland that is Britain in the 21st Century

From the Guardian (Online Edition): Printing technology has moved on, but some of the old what-the-hell-is-it thrill returned this week when the Macclesfield Express published an alleged picture of a badger. It was from footage shot in the town centre by local resident Simon Churchman, 38, after seeing an animal on his way home from the pub.

I have to wonder what is happening when

  1. protected species would rather spend their evenings in the pub than preparing for winter in the set1 with their mates as they did when I was a lad
  2. Newspaper editors are either so afraid of being sued or so drunk they cannot positively identify a picture as a picture
Hell in a handbasket.

1: The proper name for a badger nest

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