Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ears Still Whistling

I forget how long this nonsense has been going on but I'm truly fed up with it already. Two courses of anti-biotics to try and shake the underlying infection. Two courses of steroids to attempt to open up the pipes Doc Rubberglove seems to believe connect my nose and ears (I humour the man, but really!).

On the plus side my foot hurts slightly less today than it did this time last week. This may have something to do with the drugs, but probably just represents major nerve damage in my foot. The elbow, injured most likely while trying to cow the guitar into submission, is still as painful as it ever was (at least, ever was from about two weeks after guitar acquisition).

The Stevieling has an ear infection now, and when I just called Mike the Shaman over some trivial tech thing he confessed to being in a doctor's office watching a tinnitus video. Yesterday I ran into another colleague who has had the same bloody thing for almost a year. What is going on? Is the whole bloody state falling prey to some sort of stealth ear attack by the forces of evil?

Answers please in really big type1 on a 3x5 card.

1: Otherwise I won't be able to hear what you've written over the steamboat whistle in my left ear

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