Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ah, Damn!

Steve Irwin (aka The Crocodile Hunter) is dead from a freak accident involving his getting stabbed in the heart by a stingray.

Many people didn't have much time for this guy, but I rejoiced that there was another idiot in the world who would do things so blatantly stupid. I do them because I often don't think things through carefully enough at the time. He did them for entertainment purposes, and by Jove what entertainment it was! We all sat an waited for him to get bitten in one of his interminable "This is a grumpy snake! I'm gonna push my face right up to him!" scenes and sometimes we weren't disappointed. His out-takes were hysterically funny for anyone not Steve Irwin. He discovered that the public was only in love with danger to his own person when he fed a croc with his new son on his hip to general outrage, but we all have to learn that lesson sometime and no-one got hurt thankfully.

I think the world is once again a smaller place today than it was on Friday, when the star of The Great Kangaroo Rescue Despite The Kangaroo and How To Get Your Ear Torn Off While Chasing Rhinos Through The African Bush was still alive and kicking.

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