Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Illness Sucks but Me Like Links

I spent the last weekend (a three day weekend too thanks to President George Washington being somwhat popular in these parts) sick and unable to do much of anything. I'm still somewhat ill, so I'll let other people do the writing for me by the sneaky and cheap expedient of linking to their work without their permission.

I did pick up tickets to I-Con from Men at Arms on Monday, and while we were there the Stevieling also successfully agitated for the purchase of the excellent and amusing Order of the Stick game.

If you haven't come across The Order of the Stick yet you obviously don't read "The Dragon" and haven't linked to the comic page of Giant in the Playground where one can pick up the story in progress. The humour comes from the characters being aware of the metadata behind their exsistence as Dungeons & Dragons manly high-stakes poker characters, but you don't have to understand the game to understand the humour if you give it a fair try.

For those who need a more well-known referent, try Shamus Young's brilliant "DM of the Rings" in which the Lord of the Rings is imagined as a Dungeons & Dragons manly high-stakes poker game with typical players as the main characters. The strip has had its low moments, but generally the quality is extremely high.

God I'm tired after all that linking.

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