Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh The More It Changes, The More It Stays The Same

I finally decided to get to the bottom of the bug that had the sidebar links sometimes stuck at the page foot instead of nicely staying at the top where it belongs. My stylesheet is a lightly modified version of one of the Blogger standard ones. I figured that I had broken it when I put in my "enhancements" but was loath to pull these out since they do things like change the colour of the links to make them stand out, format the call-outs for the various hardware outlets I reference, and most recently, add a list of links on the sidebar to the actual page contents, something Blogger's consultants didn't think would be useful.

A quick experiment showed that removing my additions didn't improve matters, but putting the vanilla template back in did. After printing and comparing each version it became apparent that the version of the vanilla template currently available does not match the one I used as the basis for mine. It's possible that the error was in the original template after all. We'll never know.

In any event I've refreshed the vanilla template and added some of my alterations to it. This has resulted in some slight differences in appearance to the blog. All I really wanted to say was that this change is in fact a feature rather than a bug in your browser, something expected and not the work of Russian Mobsters or Nigerian Scammers. You can come out from under the sideboard now.

And take off that ridiculous aluminum foil beanie

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Anonymous said...

How true. BT implemented a filter calculated to weed out downloads of naked ladies. It also weeded out their own series of adverts showing an office worker in swim suit using a wireless laptop. Sheesh.