Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On The Other Hand

I looked at the pool this morning1 .

All the algae seems to have fallen as silt to the pool floor and there are no more mosquito larvae in the water that I can see. All this just by running the filter pump for 72 hours non stop and adding enough chlorine to the water to cause a crisis in the international astronomy community2 over the exact nature of the pool - does it qualify as a Quasi Liquid-Phase Dwarf Gas Giant or is it more of a Quasi Liquid-Phase Dwarf Gas Giantoid? We can expect an answer to this when it doesn't matter any more. Either the chlorine will have dissipated or Aliens will invade, achieving total surprise because so-called "scientists" were too busy doing what they actually know how to do, arguing about what stuff is called, instead of what they pretend to everyone else they do - actual science!

So I know what I'm doing with next weekend then.

  1. Had to get up early to do so. No silver lining comes without a big, black cloud
  2. Who now live to rename things instead of finding new ones

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