Saturday, October 13, 2007

Post Impressions

I now have two phone poles, as I may have alluded in past postings.

As of today, one is cracked, and guyed to the ground and the pole across the street. It supports the phone and cable TV wires for this house, as it did before it was hit by a twbleept who apparently must have thought that since her vehicle came equipped with cruise control and an automatic transmission she didn't actually have to get involved in the pedestrian business of driving her car, and decided to search her glove compartment instead of watching the road and activating the steering of said car in a way that would ensure it followed the straight trajectory commensurate with it staying on the road and not hitting stuff on the sidewalks.

The other is in perfect condition, not sullied in any way by guy wires or cables of any sort. It serves to hold up a flyer announcing a neighbour's garage sale.

It's good 'ere, innit?

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