Friday, July 20, 2018

And It Was Going So Well Too

I just received an email from The Bloody Long Island Railroad:

Due to a ticket stock issue, there are some changes to your August monthly ticket.

MAIL & RIDE CUSTOMERS: Your August monthly ticket will be printed on purple ticket stock and will have the year "19" printed on it. Mail & Ride customers who purchase the joint MetroCard ticket for August will not see their MetroCard values impacted in any way.

CUSTOMERS USING TICKET MACHINES AND TICKET OFFICES: Your August monthly ticket will be printed on green ticket stock from 2016. Please disregard the 12/31/16 expiration date and discontinued M/F designations. In addition, only $25 MetroCards will be available to purchase. Customers will be unable to add value or purchase $50 MetroCards.

We encourage you to purchase August monthly tickets using MTA eTix.
Thank you for understanding as we work to resolve this issue.

Anyone here want to trust the e-delivery of a monthly ticket from a website maintained by the same crowd who orders the paper for the ticket machines?

And let's not entertain the thought of a flat phone battery just as the guard comes down the aisle.

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