Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Kind-Of Inevitable Post Smiting Smitage

After a day of Bloody Long Island Railroad suckage and work suckage I returned home and dug out the stuff I'd bought at Blowes from one of the stacked totes I'd bought, which turned out not to be rain-proof after all.

All the items inside had soaked overnight in a shallow pool of rainwater, releasing them from their cardboard-backed/plastic bubble packing, normally a job requiring heroic measures and the sacrificing of a fingernail or two. Of course, any instruction leaflets were now pulp. Lose/win I guess.

I replaced the leaky toilet valve1, added the mounting hardware to a plank Mrs Stevie wanted to give the Stevieling, baled out the totes and added my clothes to them.

And so to bed.

  1. but had to scavenge the float-on-a-chain part from the original valve because the chain itself was different to the one that would actually fit the flushing lever. So much for "universal"

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