Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Smiting Continues

So we are due to set out for Florida in the MrsSteviemobile on Friday.

Yesterday the Steviemobile's check engine light started glowing brightly. This means that - if the engine doesn't explode in the next two days driving back and forth between Chateau Stevie and the Wyandanch Commemorative Sea of Tranquility Recreation and Station Car Park - I will need to use the day I set aside for decompressing after the return to Chateau Stevie for sitting in the Dealership1 waiting for someone to figure out which sensor has gone nails-up this time2.

Today the left side nosepiece of my glasses fell off and got lost somewhere, so now I have to make an emergency dash to Costco to get a new one installed instead of doing the last-minute errands I had scheduled for tonight.

I wonder what new hell tomorrow will bring?

  1. Assuming I can schedule an appointment that is
  2. It is a given it won't be any of the thirty seven that have been replaced in the last two years which are still under warranty

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