Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Suckage Goes Ever On And On

So I went round to Costco to get my glasses fixed, prior to doing all the things Mrs Stevie had added to the last-minute task list before we depart for pastures Floridian.

They were having fun, trying to process two customers' orders but unable to persuade their printer to disgorge the evidence. Thus a two-minute fix (the broken nosepiece is a snap-in affair) took closer to twenty minutes.

Thence to Blowes where I purchased yet another "universal" flap valve for the upstairs commode1, some hanging hardware for a three-and a half foot painted plank with which Mrs Stevie wishes to smite gift the Stevieling and Stevielingbeau, and three plastic totes.

We use these totes to carry stuff in the Bus o' Merriment as we argue our way down2 scenic I-95 and I have about a dozen of them standing in for furniture. Four hold collections of board games. Three hold certain elements of my Goons Wonkshop hobby fallout, several hold selections of T-Shirts3. But I didn't want to empty old totes to use for the trip, so new ones were bought.

Just as I made ready to leave Blowes the heavens opened and a year's supply of rain fell in about ten minutes. It didn't look like ending this side of Easter, so I waded to my car and made my way home, and thence to bed after drying off.

At least I didn't get struck by any of the lightning zooming across the sky.

  1. The last universal flap valve didn't fit this particular toilet tank, leading me to conclude there are some pretty eleastic definitions of "universal" in use by the perfidious After Market Toilet Repair Fittings Illuminati
  2. and - a week later - up
  3. One, for example, holds my collection of I-Con shirts. At the con, I would do as others and wear a shirt from a previous con as a sort of minor brag. Since I-Con is likely dead and buried, those shirts will have fewer outings and may go into storage

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